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Hey all you Edmond, Arcadia, and OKC seniors!

Congratulations to YOU! You are a senior!! Okay, we know it's cliché, but there is literally no one who can do YOU like you do. And that's what we love about you. Your quirks, your dreams, your goals, your passions, and most importantly, your future. And when you think about it, when is the next time you'll get an opportunity for something like this? Probably on your wedding day. So this is the time to celebrate you, your youth, and your love for life. Let’s get started!

“I don’t want my audience to see my pictures and think I am sharing my passion so that they will hire me. I want them to realize the importance of printed photographs, and see the indispensable value in capturing the memories for their children and grandchildren.” -Keilah Rojas








Frequently asked questions

Q: When do I need to book my senior portraits?

A: The best time to start planning your senior session is mid Junior year, since VBP books out 6 months in advance. Make sure to give us a call before the dates are all filled up!


Q: How many pictures do I get?

It depends on which package you choose! We take a LOT of pictures though, so you will have more than enough.

Q: How much is this going to cost?

A: Our influencer seniors invest about $650 in their custom senior experiences.




"First of all you are going to fall in love with Keilah! She photographed my 2 granddaughters and though they had met previously, it was obvious they felt at ease with her and her sister Beth. They had fun from having their makeup done by Keilah’s makeup artist Tracy to the wardrobe changes through all the poses and then treating all of us to a meal! I was blessed to have been a part of my granddaughters photo session and meeting this fabulous young women who is so genuine and has a passion for photography! The photos turned out beautifully (I might be a little prejudice) since they were my grandchildren! I would recommend giving her a try....you will feel like she is your new friend and be delighted with her work!" -Kate

"Keilah is an expert at quickly building a rapport with teenaged boys! Not an easy thing to do, but she's got skills and that helps get great natural photos!" - Dedra Miller




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