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A beautiful family portrait like this doesn’t just happen. It takes hard work, in different ways than you may think.

It starts with the planning. The wardrobe selection. A perfect location where children can both feel safe and also run free. A date that isn’t too cold or too hot.

The night before with a good bedtime.That morning with a hearty breakfast, a normal nap time, and the promise of a treat after their photo shoot...But also for you, mama.

Here’s the thing. This is my full-time job. I spend time every day researching and learning so I can focus all my attention on you and your moments, instead of my camera settings. I know that you want your babies to not fight, not cry, and not spill on their clothes. You want to have a beautiful portrait so you can remember these good old days.

I want to capture those little (or not-so-little) giggles, the way your Honey looks at you, and every single moment in between.

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” William Foster

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Frequently asked questions

How much does this cost?

We offer several packages for you to choose from depending on what you want. We take great pride in our images and know that you will love the process and the pictures. Since we offer a luxury experience, all sessions begin with an in person consultation so that we can know exactly what kinds of pictures we will be taking, and how we should schedule, dress, and pose your family. All of our clients walk away with wall art or albums to hold their heirloom images for generations to come.

Can I just get the digitals?

Yep! You sure can. It's the 21st century, so we do sell digital images - but we also make sure you have images in print too - like our popular family ALBUM! In 50 years, how will we look back on today? Digital media is not only easily corruptible but very temporary. Think about it; the last time you had pictures done. You posted a few on social media and they got 5 minutes of fame, but with the fast pace of your newsfeed, they are now long forgotten. That's why we put a huge focus on REAL pictures here at VBP. Our albums are full of images, and you get the digital copy of every one you put inside the album! The same goes for our wall art too!




"I loved working with Keilah!! Her pictures are AMAZING, beyond anything I hoped for. She is joyful and fun to work with, which made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera. And she got GREAT pictures of everyone. Which was not a small task. I wish I could give her 10 stars ⭐️" -Monika MacDonald

"My kids had such a great time with Keilah handling our family portrait! She laughed with them and encouraged them to be themselves. We spent time at a park where Keilah joined us for some family fun while taking photos all the time. The results were amazing. It was difficult to pick just one to hang on my office wall." -Heather

"Not only is she an incredible photagrapher but she's an absolute gem! She made me feel beautiful and wonderful and I was sooo nervous! She has the ability to capture real true joy and the spirit of the moment. It's her gift!" -Makenna Nero

"Keilah Rojas at Vanilla Bean Photography is amazing. She has done our family photos twice now. Once in Washington and once here in Alaska (to get our dogs in our photos). She has this uncanny ability to capture everyone looking natural and relaxed. She’s playful, encouraging and so very positive. Her photography sessions are a blast. But the final product are photographs that are an absolute treasure. I wish I had so much more wall space!" -Erin Renfro

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