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Hey there, Ladies! Did you get engaged recently? This is one of the most exciting times of your life, but it can also be a bit hectic and stressful. Here are some tips that will help your upcoming engagement session run smoothly and beautifully.

     1. Choose your location.
I LOVE it when my couples choose their own locations. Make it some place you love, or maybe someplace that makes you feel alive and comfortable. Everyone is different, so choose somewhere that says YOU.

     2. Dress to impress.
Some brides choose their engagement session to practice their wedding day makeup. Whether you choose to do that or not is totally up to you, but I definitely recommend it! But more importantly, wear something that makes you feel beautiful- because if you feel beautiful then you will look beautiful. Have someone take a picture of you in your outfit, just to make sure. I have had more people than I can count come to their engagement session in a new outfit (I always recommend new clothes, btw), but then tell me “Oh my gosh!! I had no idea how my arms looked, can you photoshop them out?”. As much as I love photoshopping arms out (sarcasm here), I don’t want anything about your pictures to be negative. So make sure you give yourself a little 360, just to be sure.

     3. Timing is everything.
Most of the time we will shoot close to sunset. The light is BEAUTIFUL, but it’s also a ticking clock, so don’t be late!

     4. Props to you.
You want to bring props? Go right ahead!!! I usually bring some cute chairs or blankets (depending on where we go), but my couples are in charge of bringing the little special things. Maybe a book from the book club you met at? Or your matching coffee mugs? Bring your quirky fun accessories to make your session one of a kind.

     5. ENJOY.
This is a once in a lifetime experience, so enjoy yourself! If you are self-conscious (aren’t we all?), take the time beforehand to pamper yourself so you can join your man as you face the camera with confidence, poise, and a beautiful smile. Now THAT’S preparing for your wedding day!

Have you recently had your engagement photos taken and found something that made the day go smoother? Comment below, we’d love to hear!

-Keilah Rojas
Vanilla Bean Photography

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